About Us

ScreenBuyback.com is powered by AGiRepair. AGiRepair is a recognized leader in the mobile device repair and wireless repair parts industry, with a steadfast commitment to offering cutting edge technology repair solutions. For over 20 years, some of the largest retailers, corporations, repair depots, and educational institutions have entrusted us as their essential partner.


Our Team

With over 165 years of combined industry experience, our team is equipped to provide the right solutions to be your lifelong technology partner. 


Our Mission

We strive to offer the most innovative mobile device lifecycle management solutions while prioritizing customer partnership.


Our Promise

We pledge to deliver the highest quality service and most cost-effective repair, protection, and replacement part solutions.

Take a Look Inside AGiRepair

Corporate Headquarters

Our 125,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art repair facility is where the magic happens. The AGiRepair facility is home to our 100+ highly trained and innovative technicians, who perform tens of thousands of repairs per month.

Precision Repairs

Innovative technical capabilities allow us to perform highly specialized repairs successfully the first time around. From MacBook Air and Pro Retina LCD repair to component level logic board repair, we fix it all.

Repair Capacity

Our facility is designed to handle high-volume repairs quickly and efficiently. Along with our expert technicians and proprietary software systems, we can accommodate companies of all sizes.

Parts Warehouse

Our service parts warehouse is stocked with an extensive line of premium quality parts for all Apple devices. High-volume purchasing power and strategic manufacturer partnerships allows us to pass along lower costs to our customers.


John Yetsconish

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Jeremy Bilsky

Vice President / CSO
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Justin Brovey

Sales Manager
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Alaina Bilsky

K-12 Business Development
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PJ Caruso

Account Executive
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Jeff Lander

Account Executive
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Neil Belan

Account Executive
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Shawn Baker

Account Specialist
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Stephanie Scott

Program Coordinator
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Hadley Elert

Account Specialist
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Matt Jurcevich

Account Specialist
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Michael LaRose

Purchasing Manager
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Jonathan Nestor

Technical Manager
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Keith Lhoest

Operations Manager
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Jon Belan

Returns Manager
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Jeff Fitch

Director of Operations
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Aaron Greer

Marketing Manager
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Mollee Tunney

Marketing Coordinator
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